Jared Richard    Vocals, Guitars
Paul Cingolani    Bass guitar
Jefe Ham    Drums

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Vrbs was formed in late 2019 when former Audiobender bandmates Jared Richard (guitars, vocals) and Paul Cingolani (bass) joined forces with former Weapon Eleven drummer Jeff Ham to craft a whole new sound of contemporary rock with a distinctly 90s feel, melding powerful vocals, guitar-driven power-pop and neo-grunge.

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"[The Vrbs] match grunt with melodic, pop-aware deliveries with rock's drive and energy, much in the same way that bands such as Arctic Monkeys ushered in Indie's glorious second chapter."
Dancing About Architecture

"[The Vrbs LP] carries some of the best properties of classic punk rock, mod revival, power pop, hard rock, indie rock, and classic pop-rock."

"This is ambition and drive on a level not seen in today's rock world. For a guy that isn't considered to be a guitar player, [Jared] sure is a f***ing good guitar player."
525 Records

"From their in-depth creative vision, their undeniable musical chemistry, their thoughtful songwriting, their artistic versatility - this trio is the full package."
The Ark of Music

"In Jared Richard, they have a talented songwriter and singer who has a perfect voice for rock, backed up by a superb rhythm section. Consistently excellent throughout, this talented trio combine their influences in a way that sounds both traditional and modern at the same time, a neat trick."
The Faulkner Review

"It's songs like 'Under The Sea' and 'Down The Mountain' that will live much longer than any of us ever will. [...] 'Down The Mountain' is straight-up brilliant, and extremely well-conceived. The construction, structure, and depth here makes for magnificent music to listen to, straight-up, full stop."